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EmblemHealth is one of the United States' largest nonprofit health plans. It is headquartered at 55 Water Street in Lower Manhattan, New York City. It is a $10 billion company with 3.1 million members.EmblemHealth was created in 2006 through the merger of Group Health Incorporated (GHI) and the Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York (HIP).

According to the reports of New York Post in 2018, "The Brooklyn Democrat said he’ll scrutinize claims that Empire Blue Cross-Blue Shield and its partner Emblem Health — which covers 600,000 city employees, retirees and their families — exaggerated benefits while understating out-of-pocket costs. The City Council will probe two of the state’s largest health insurers after The Post reported on a newly unsealed lawsuit claiming the companies pulled a $1 billion scam on taxpayers. “The scope of what has been alleged is shocking,” said Councilman Justin Brannan."


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"depending on your department, could be a hostile work environment, employees aren't motivated to to do their best. Horrible Management practices and plenty of favoritism. Not much room for growth. It's easy to get comfortable because of the Benefits Package. Stay 5 years or less if possible. There are much better opportunities out there."

Current Employee - Specialist says

"New people to Emblem. They have no respect, nor they have the patience to see what people do in a department. No one wants to fix the problem inside. They just want to save lots of money and send the work outside. This company is no longer NYC based."

Former Contractor - Desktop Support says

"They use the contractrors up and they do not pay overtime after 40 hours even if you are an hourly contractor. Very little training, you have to know your stuff because there is a very demanding user base. Mgmnt is petty and childish. They turn personal issues into work related issues. Will lie to to your face. HR and Compliance are useless."

UM/UR Case Manager (Current Employee) says

"Horrible place to work as a RN. They allow work place Bullying and abuse! Very Dysfunctional place to work! The managers yelled and screamed at the nurses constantly. Cons: A million"

Quality outreach specialist (Former Employee) says

"Company is lacking professional managers. From my personal experience Favoritism is the only way to survive in this company. If you are not the favorite you won’t last long. Managers don’t have your back and willing to get you in trouble as long as their job isn’t at risk. Whenever the project isn’t going well they will blame anyone and everyone under as long as they can keep their position . I don’t recommend working here there is very little growth unless you know someone who is willing to have your back"

Claims Adjuster (Former Employee) says

"Unorganized company with poor pay and poor management."

Programmer Analyst (Former Employee) says

"if I could give a -10 I would. Without thinking they signed an offshoring deal with Cognizant, put hundreds of people out of work and now that they saw it wasn't working out started hiring for some of those positions back in the US. They don't think things out and survey the market before they take action - they instead just throw stuff on the wall and see what sticks."

Call Center Representative (Former Employee) says

"This company is handled by overseas. Customer service sounds like a script. They keep you on hold for 20 minutes or more. I hate calling here for that reason. I would never recommend anyone to work here."

Quality Advisor (Former Employee) says

"They lay you off with out any warning once projects are completed. I always wanted to work for this company I was great at my job however because of budgets and politics once project is completed anticipate lay off unless you the “right” people."

Contractor (Former Employee) says

"This is nice place to work, business is very knwolablge and once get lot to understand and learn lot. Once a project is done manegment finds new project for you. Cons: non"

Rather not say. (Former Employee) says

"GHI was a company that had it together. When GHI merged with HIP to become EmblemHealth it was he worse decision that they made. Even the doctors were questioning why would GHI merge with the worse run Healthcare company. Cons: Cut throat, Militaristic, stressful and unbearable"

Informatics Analyst (Consultant) says

"very stressful work environment, they refuses to work with employee, moral is low, high turnover, no raise. nothing to keep you interested in working for the company Cons: bad company"

Senior Director IT (Former Employee) says

"It was great under the old leadership, its been outsourced and shutting down. Relaxed environment, too much politics , pay was great , commute was horrible"

Compensation Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I joined the company shortly after they went through a large merger. During my tenure the company went through a change in leadership which eventually led to a huge re-organization."

Medical Billing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"New management not qualified due to life experience.Workday became very stressful based on magement working off achievement of numbers and computer goals and not human goals. Cons: No breaks worked lunch overtime"

Senior Business Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Supports all aspects of departmental programming implementation"

Care Management Associate (Current Employee) says

"Horrible place to work. Management has no respect for anybody and there is tremendous amount of favoritism. It is very sad but management abuses hard working employees so that their lazy friends can get away with doing nothing all day, taking extended lunches and coming in to work at whatever time they feel like. I am surprised that the new CEO is not doing anything to change this department because it is absolutely unbelievable to be a witness of all the unethical and unprofessional behavior of the people in this crazy place. Cons: do yourself a favor and avoid working for this department at all cost"

IT Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"No best practices, antiquated & EOL software, no quality control. No continuous improvement, management is content with the status quo."

Provider Communications (Current Employee) says

"Terrible Benefits. Long Hours. No Bonus. Leadership can harass employees with no repercussion. Cons: Benefits gone. No advancement. Country club leadership."

Finance (Former Employee) says

"I have to say of all the places I've worked at this is by far the worst place to spend your career. Every competent and innovative person who worked here and tried to change the environment ended up leaving. There is so much nepotism and incompetent people placed in upper management and they never leave (either friends or related to someone higher up). There is no management communication (company lost and loosing tons of money). If you want to advance in your care this is not the place for you. They never promote within and there are no bonuses or pay raises are a joke. This place will end up as a business school case study on how not to run a business. I beg you please go somewhere else your career will die here and if you stay to long you'll realize you learned nothing and the work you do will never be appreciated. Cons: Managment is incompetant, no bonuses, pay raise are a joke, never promote from within"

Medicare Resolution Specialist Case Analyst (Former Employee) says

"You'e average day consisted of a quota depending on the workload assigned to you. Ultimately a temporary position with the anticipation to become permanent in the company. However if you met the expectations of the company that fell short to chain of command because it was not about how well you did what was expected of you in terms of absence, lateness and work ethic but rather if they were fond of you which is unfair."

APPEALS SUPERVISOR (Former Employee) says

"If you're thinking about applying to the Gtirvance and Appeals Department! RUN!!! You will regret it for the rest of your life! You will be miserable and traumatized! Management is horrible from Sr. Management right down to supervisors! They are like drill sergeants. I left this company for another company doing the same thing for a 15k increase and to have a peace of mind! And if you think running to HR will resolve your issue, HA you are fooling yourself. Do yourself a favor and avoid this department by any means necessary! The GA Deptment give the company a horrible name! I hope with the financial loss of the company, it will take a look internal at the employees and fix management! Cons: Everything."

CHP Analyst/Coordinator/Data Entry Clerk (Former Employee) says

"An Excellent company to work for with a lot of educational and work advancement opportunities.They was strict but it kept you on your toes! Cons: monthly 1.1 review s of your productivity( sort of Stressful maintaining their Status Quo."

pistofo says

"Never process my claim and provider sent the bill to collection"

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